Ignacio Jose Márquez López AIRBUS A350XWB Rear Fuselage & Empennage Industrial

Ignacio Jose Márquez López

Ignacio José Márquez is an Aeronautical Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid (2000).
He began his professional career at SENER working on the development of a new stage separation system for the Ariane 5 ESCB launcher.
After a brief period in the Engineering Department of SENER, he joined AIRBUS where he began his career as an engineer of development of composite materials for aerostructures.
The A380 plane project was his shuttle project. In it he developed industrial systems for the manufacture of elementals in carbon fiber with high structural performance.
After an international experience that introduced him to more efficient production processes in the environment of investment reduction, in 2006 he returned to Spain and that’s when he started leading Manufacturing Engineering departments. From this stage are the developments of elementals in carbon fiber with high integration capacity for airplane programs such as the A400M and the A350.
In 2012, he began to lead the transnational methods and manufacturing processes of composite materials within the A350 airplane program, supporting all AIRBUS plants in the field of composite materials (Spain, France and Germany).
Today he leads the industrial activities of new developments of the A350 airplane program for the rear fuselage and empennage.